More Wal-Mart crap: You’re paying for it

08.24.06 | 31 Comments

Following up on Andrew Young’s racist compliment of Wal-Mart:

1. Wal-Mart is pressuring its employees not to sign on to a court case alledging it forces them to work overtime pressure they say “borderlines on criminal witness intimidation,.”

2. Crime in Wal-Mart parking lots is disproportionately high. There’s a police incident at your local Wal-Mart every 1.5 days. Security patrols would stop most of it, but then there wouldn’t be “always low prices.”

3. We pay Wal-Mart employees’ health care costs via our tax dollars. Here in Georgia, there is one Wal-Mart kid on welfare for every four Wal-Mart employees you see in your local Wal-Mart. That’s fourteen times the number of Publix kids on the dole. (The ratio for Publix, a large supermarket chain, is one Publix kid per 24 Publix employees.)

(Hat tip to this Trees and Things thread.)


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